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Tegan and Sara Show

Tegan and Sara Show

This is Craig Brittain , monitor mixer with Tegan and Sara.  I just wanted to drop you and your company a quick note to say thank you for a great day when we were in St. Johns a few weeks back.

As I am sure you are aware, fly in dates can be tricky for a tour that is rolling with its own production and all the bits for a smooth show.  All of you guys at Eastern Audio really made for a smooth fly in date for myself as well as the others on our team.  Blair at FOH and I believe Mark at monitors , were exceptional and a real pleasure to work with.

On behalf of myself and the others on the Tegan and Sara team , we say a big thank you and hope that Eastern has a good rest of the summer season and continued success in the future.

Please pass on our thanks to the others, and I apologize if I am wrong on the name of the monitor tech, but I do believe it was Marc.

thanks again

Craig Brittain

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