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Simultaneous Interpretation

Bridging the gaps in communication

Simultaneous Interpretation

If you’re looking to cater to a multilingual audience, or if you’re hosting an accessibility-sensitive event, Eastern Audio can help. With over 45 years of experience our knowledgeable technicians will ensure language is not a barrier.

Our services include:

  • Bosch next generation switching mic systems
  • Bosch infrared receivers and earphones
  • Bosch infrared rads (Hi output)
  • Bosch infrared transmitters
  • Bosch interpreter consoles
  • Auditel infrared receivers and earphones
  • Auditel mainframe infrared transmitter
  • Auditel interpreters’ console
  • Sennheiser infrared rads (High output)
  • Whisper Cube 6′ x 8′ interpreters’ booth
  • Digital multilingual audio and video recording
  • Transcription services