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HNL Conference 2015

HNL Conference 2015

The team was excellent! They always provide the highest levels of performance onsite, but they always take the extra time to see where improvements can be made and how our game can be made better!

EA always put the best foot forward by way of equipment and HR. We couldn’t be happier with the professionalism, responsiveness, attention to detail and sophistication that we consistently receive from Eastern Audio.

Greg is second to none in managing the crew and managing all of the arrangements to make sure that we are ready and set. There is no way to truly encapsulate with words the value of knowing that this vital partner for our conference is 110% ready, professional, sophisticated and looking for ways to make us look better. EA always delivers and there is a great deal of trust that while we are busy carrying out the other aspects of the conference, EA is taking care of all of our AV needs without having to follow up and make sure. Greg and the team always have it covered! The entire team deserves an A+ for their effort. All of you are so good at what you do and we feel really fortunate to have such an amazing partner.

Carol-Ann Gilliard | CEO | Hospitality Newfoundland & Labrador

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